Pizzeria Reopens As Totally Vegan Restaurant After Coronavirus Lockdown – Raise Vegan

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by | August 15, 2020

A pizzeria in Scotland has reopened following the coronavirus lockdown as a totally vegan restaurant.

Novapizza in Edinburgh opened to the public earlier this week, after taking all animal products off the menu.

“New Mouthwatering Vegan Alternatives”

“We are now 100% vegan!,” the restaurant shared on Instagram.

“Yes, you’ve heard it right – our menu is now fully plant based.”

“We’ve replaced vegetarian options with new mouthwatering vegan alternatives which we cannot wait for you to try.”

vegan restaurant pizza
The restaurant has reopened as a totally plant-based business (mzuzka/Shutterstock.com)

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The plant-based update to the Novapizza menu has been led by the new owner and manager Maddalena Pezone — who also runs the very first vegan Italian restaurant in Edinburgh, Sora Lella.

“Very Exciting Times”

“We love what we do,” said Novapizza, “and you will feel the passion in any dish that comes out from our kitchen – today, tomorrow, always.”

“These are very exciting times for Novapizza. We really hope to see you all very soon – cannot wait for you to try our updated menu.”

Are you in Scotland and excited to give this plant-based restaurant a try? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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