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Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare has quickly gained momentum after launching earlier this month. A new season meant fresh content in the form of new Operators, weapons, a Battle Pass, and in-game changes. Today, June 30, Activision and Infinity Ward rolled out another substantial update, dubbed Season 4 Reloaded, injecting more content and adjustments.

An increased player count of 200 players for Battle Royale Quads, along with a new multiplayer map, and a deadly sniper rifle are the most significant additions. A new update also means Call of Duty fanatics looking into the updated game files to predict future in-game changes or events.

Apart from a few underground bunkers unlocking, nothing much has appeared on Verdansk during the last month. Now, new information has emerged hinting at the addition of a feature in Warzone that is popular across other battle royales. According to ModernWarzone, a credible Call of Duty leaker on Twitter, a train is coming to Warzone in the future.

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Just like in Apex Legends, a train might be coming to Call of Duty Warzone

The Call of Duty leaked recently tweeted out the new intel after the Season 4 Reloaded update hit servers. The information from ModernWarzone is based on updated game files. In his tweet, he assures the upcoming introduction of a train in Infinity Ward’s battle royale.

Based on the new info from tonight’s update of ModernWarfare, we can pretty much confirm the upcoming addition of a train in Warzone“. According to him, this train will be stacked with loot. Predictably enough, it also has the potential to send players to the Gulag or back to the lobby as well.

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Navigating trains are a fan-favorite feature of other battle royale games out there. Apex Legends has a train stacked with sweet loot that navigates across a portion of World’s End. PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds also has similar loot carrying trains that transit across Vikendi.

After the initial Season 4 update, leaks shed light on potential map changes in Warzone. Enthusiastic leakers had found the mentions of a new interior for Verdansk’s Stadium and a train in the game files.

ModernWarzone also thinks the upcoming Warzone train might be the basis for a multiplayer map. However, he hasn’t specified a time frame for the upcoming addition.

Currently, train tracks are laid out on a portion of the Warzone map, constituting a route. Moreover, with navigating trains being a popular feature of other battle royales, the addition of a train in Warzone seems feasible.

The new update has just gone live today, and more information from the game files will unfold as always. For now, nothing remains concrete, as ultimately Infinity Ward and Activision are the ones who decide to pump new content into the game with timely updates. Meanwhile, we’ll keep you posted with further developments.


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